Cats Are Superior: With Kitty Katswell

And to Think That I Saw It on Mulberry Street (1937) The 500 Hats of Bartholomew Cubbins (1938) The King’s Stilts (1939) The Seven Lady Godivas (1939) Horton Hatches the Egg (1940) McElligot’s Pool (1947) Thidwick the Big Hearted Moose (1948) Bartholomew And The Oobleck (1949) If I Ran the Zoo (1950) Scrambled Eggs Super! (1953) Horton Hears a Who! (1954) On Beyond Zebra! (1955) If I Ran the Circus (1956) How the Grinch Stole Christmas! (1957) The Cat in the Hat (1957) The Cat in the Hat Comes Back (1958) Yertle The Turtle And Other Stories (1958) Happy Birthday to You! (1959) One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish (1959) Green Eggs and Ham (1960) The Sneetches and Other Stories (1961) Dr. Seuss’s Sleep Book (1962) Dr. Seuss’s ABC: An Amazing Alphabet Book! (1963) Hop on Pop (1963) Fox in Socks (1965) I Had Trouble in Getting to Solla Sollew (1965) The Cat in the Hat Song Book (1967) The Foot Book (1968) I Can Lick 30 Tigers Today! and Other Stories (1969) My Book About ME (1970) I Can Draw It Myself (1970) Mr. Brown Can Moo! Can You?: Dr. Seuss’s Book of Wonderful Noises! (1970) The Lorax (1971) Marvin K. Mooney Will You Please Go Now! (1972) Did I Ever Tell You How Lucky You Are? (1973) The Shape of Me and Other Stuff (1973) There’s a Wocket in My Pocket (1974) Great Day for Up! (1974) Oh, the Thinks You Can Think! (1975) The Cat’s Quizzer (1976) I Can Read with My Eyes Shut! (1978) Oh Say Can You Say? (1979) Hunches in Bunches (1982) The Butter Battle Book (1984) You’re Only Old Once! : A Book for Obsolete Children (1986) I Am NOT Going to Get Up Today! (1987) The Tough Coughs as he Ploughs the Dough (1987) Oh, the Places You’ll Go! (1990)

Carnivore Confusion: A world of talking animals, including cows and birds, has steak, fried chicken, and other meat as food. Lampshaded in “Happy Howl O Ween”, where is mentioned that Dudley was forced to hire a lawyer because he ate a turkey in Thanksgiving. Though lampshaded and averted in one episode where Snaptrap is thinking of a plan to get back at the “Monotrail” workers who snubbed them. His Crocodile lackey suggests “Why don’t we just eat them?” in which Snaptrap replies “That’s just dark and disturbing” Dudley and Kitty once fell down the stairs into a basement filled with beartraps. One of Kitty’s flashbacks to her childhood, in “Operation: Happy Birthday”, shows her eating a talking mouse magician hired to perform at her birthday party, something that makes the other partygoers freak out. Catch Phrase: Dudley: “Hi gee gee!” Snaptrap: “It is I, Verminious Snaptrap!” and “I shall now plot my revenge!” Just like Snaptrap, Chameleon also has “it is I, The Chameleon!” A Cat Named Kitty: Kitty Katswell. Cats Are Superior: With Kitty Katswell, it should probably come as no surprise, as she is naturally the brains of the duo. To be totally fair, the bar isn’t exactly set too high. Parodied in “The Curse of King Mutt” Kitty (To Dudley): “Honestly, why can’t you be more like a cat? Determined, and focused, and. (Spots a toy mouse) MOUSE!” Kitty proceeds to chase it. And that he laid an egg.

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Well, your question could have been interpreted in two major ways. You could have been asking if life is worth creating and moncler jackets mens you could have been asking if life is worth continuing to live after you have moncler outlet kids been born. You on an antinatalist sub, so naturally, I assumed the first meaning. Life can never moncler outlet be worth creating because the nonexistent are not deprived of its good and are spared of its evil. There no good reason to create a being with needs moncler outlet mall and desires just so it can try to satisfy them.

moncler sale outlet Can life be worth living? It up to the individual to decide. That means that we have a right to die even if others think our reasons for it are stupid. discount moncler jackets Life isn precious.

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I don think a good critic can simply disregard all of the apparent negative aspects of the film with the moncler coats cheap wave of a hand, simply because they enjoyed the concept and mood.

There are good things about the film. It is moncler jackets men thought provoking. But it is not a good movie, and it certainly has nothing on The Shining. I predict that Annihilation will be largely forgotten by this time next year.

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moncler outlet store I mean, a lot of great movies are considered moncler outlet store great for reasons that don necessarily encompass all areas of filmmaking. Take Stalker, for example, which Annihilation takes a lot from. That movie is all about the mood, visuals, and themes it establishes. In terms of plot structure it a little bit weak, the dialogue can get cheap moncler jackets ponderous and moncler jackets cheap the acting is not particularly good (although the actors themselves look great in their roles). While those things may not be bad per see, they aren really a factor in moncler jackets for women why the movie is considered so great.

moncler mens jackets I think the mentality of rating a movie as a sum of its elements is harmful, because it arbitrary. That moncler jacket outlet what you see in video game reviews, an artform which is still in its early stages. All movies are different and have their own way of achieving their greatness (or failing to). Sometimes a movie is great on the basis of just one thing it does exceptionally well, like Soy Cuba and its cinematography, or My Dinner With Andr and its dialogue.

cheap moncler sale hrgilbert 1 point submitted 5 days ago

I mean, a lot of great movies are considered great for reasons that don cheap moncler necessarily encompass all areas of filmmaking. Take Stalker, for example, which Annihilation takes a lot from. That movie is all about the mood, visuals, and themes it establishes. In terms of plot structure it a little bit weak, the dialogue can get womens moncler jackets ponderous and the acting is not particularly good (although the actors themselves look great in their roles). While those things may not be bad per see, they aren really a factor in why the movie is considered so great.

Yes, Annihilation takes a lot from Stalker but Annihilation fails where Stalker succeeds.

buy moncler jackets I think the mentality of rating a movie as a sum of its moncler coats sale elements is harmful, because it arbitrary.

cheap moncler outlet This isn a mentality that I, or anyone else in moncler coats this thread (I don think anyways) holds. Annihilation is bad because it has a weak foundation. Sure, a movie with bad acting, writing and direction can be good (take The Room for example) but it makes it a lot more unlikely. And this is one case where it isn true.

All movies are different and have their own way of achieving moncler outlet location their greatness (or failing to). Sometimes a movie is great on the basis of just one thing it does exceptionally well, like Soy Cuba and its cinematography, moncler outlet usa or moncler jackets My Dinner With Andr and its dialogue.

My whole point is that I don think you can call a movie great if it fails in every moncler outlet canada aspect save for one. It can be good, sure. But to be great, moncler jackets kids I believe a movie or any work of art should moncler outlet woodbury succeed on multiple levels and facets. The movie has amazing acting, direction, music, but ultimately it unsuccessful and shallow plot, and bad pacing make what could been a great film, and makes a okay to good film.

monlcer down moncler coats for kids jackets Great films are rare because it really hard to pull off all of these aspects and succeed. moncler jackets toronto That why movies like There Will Be Blood don come around very often. But when they do, it a very special thing. To cheap moncler jackets wholesale call anything lesser “great” cheapens the word. Annihilation is not a great film. It not moncler jackets outlet even moncler coats for women a good film. But that doesn cheap moncler jackets outlet mean that it failed in moncler outlet ny every regard or that it can be enjoyable.

hrgilbert 1 point submitted 8 days ago

cheap moncler coats This is not r/movies. Matrix was a good movie, but groundbreaking? Like someone mentioned, this is only correct if you only see 4 movies per year.

Well, the only person who used the word groundbreaking in regards to The Matrix is you, in this comment. I don think The Matrix was particularly groundbreaking, but it was certainly an extremely culturally significant and influential film. moncler chicago You absolutely correct that hacker films were prolific in the 90s and The Matrix didn do much conceptually different. It certainly was the hacker film to end hacker films. But aesthetically, it was the first to use large scale CGI and digital cheap moncler coats for women camerawork, and that indisputably set the standard for blockbuster filmmaking since. Even your observation that it incorporated Wuxia/dystopia/etc. into a sort of pop fiction Frankenstein represents one of the first in a long line of similar moncler jacket online fandom mashups in the oughts and teens. The entire superhero genre has basically been remaking The Matrix for the past decade.

cheap moncler I kind of ambivalent on the film, btw. It by no means bad, but I don like the cultishness moncler jackets outlet online that popped up surrounding it. It really works better as a fantasy film than a philosophical treatise.

moncler buy moncler jackets toronto outlet sale geyges 7 points moncler outlet online submitted 6 months ago

moncler sale Our drive to procreation is difficult to justify logically or philosophically without invoking higher power or selfishness.

What is the meaning of life? If there is one, then procreation is justified, if not then not.

If we can easily discern the meaning, does it mean that there isn any? I often ask myself if there is a moncler outlet online store larger system and a force at work that we can moncler coats for cheap quite comprehend due to our ignorance.

Maybe ancients were wiser. “be fruitful and multiply” they said. An dogmatic nonsense perhaps? Or an intelligent insight into how the world works.

What I do know is that life and drive to procreation are natural phenomena and exist independently of what humans think about it. It also predates our existence and is responsible for it. In the end, I find that I incapable of arguing neither with gods or the force moncler jackets canada of nature.

Also, while Thermopylae was important, it could be argued that

10 Reasons Sparta Not Athens is the Cradle of Western Civilisation

monlcer down jackets The two great polis of Ancient Greece represent vastly differing approaches to governing and to life generally. Whilst it is perhaps the common assumption that it is to the Athenians that we owe many of the ideas and customs that make up our own society and culture, upon closer inspection we may find that their Peloponnesian rivals so often portrayed as cheap moncler crass barbarians with little relevance to the modern world can tell us more about ourselves than we might have previously assumed.

Not only do we often have highly inflated ideas moncler jackets canada about the nature of Athenian society and politics, we also frequently underestimate the moncler outlet extent to which many seemingly modern ideas both popular and unpopular can be found in the peculiar and unusual customs of the secretive world of Ancient Sparta.

cheap moncler outlet ProtectionismUnlike the free trading Athenians, the Spartans had no interest in commercial activities whatsoever and Spartan citizens were forbidden from engaging in moncler outlets usa trade or manufacture. Slaves known as helots worked the land to provide food, and the perioeci free craftsmen who lived on the outskirts of Sparta cheap moncler jackets would exchange furniture and weapons in return for Spartan military protection. The Spartan policy was one of self sufficiency: the idea of relying moncler outlet usa on foreign trade to provide for cheap moncler jackets wholesale the population was considered dangerous and un Spartan, so the state took active measures to manage and moncler coats for cheap direct the entire productive process.

cheap moncler Post Enlightenment, Western liberal democracies have generally sought to define themselves in terms of free trade and internationalism. Within this context, Spartan autarky may moncler jackets cheap appear to be anachronistic and irrelevant particularly when compared with Athenian openness and trade. However, it is worth considering that the dominant moncler outlet store economic theory in the West pre Enlightenment was protectionist mercantilism, and moncler coats it was on the back of this theory that most of the modern powerhouses were built. Protectionism has also been an important concept in moncler outlet uk other Western ideologies, some of which like fascism moncler outlet ny have shaped the course of world history. State sanctioned protectionism has certainly played a larger role than free trade in the history of the West.

moncler moncler outlet mall outlet store EqualityAccording to the ancient biographer Plutarch, the Spartans had made ‘one parcel of all their territory’ and ‘divided it up’ equally. At the end of their education, all male moncler coats cheap Spartan citizens known as Spartiates were allocated one of the nine thousand equal lots that Sparta was divided into. Every man had ‘a prescribed regimen moncler coats for kids and employment in public service’. moncler jackets kids Even meals were a communal affair, cheap moncler jackets outlet with citizens being expected to dine at public messes and not at home. The consequence was a society with an ‘abundance of leisure’ and where ‘wealth awakened no envy and brought no honour’.

moncler outlet Whilst this description paints a picture of a communistic society very different from our own, the ideal of material equality as something to aim for has been a major one in the West. Marxists and other socialists have had an immense impact on Western thought, and more than a few have controversially cited moncler jackets men Sparta as a historical example of a functional communist society.

cheap moncler sale CultureAlthough Athens is rightly remembered as the cultural capital of the ancient Hellenes, Sparta’s reputation as a state moncler jacket outlet of philistines entirely devoid of any culture is surely undeserved. Whilst the Spartans placed greater emphasis on military strength and societal order, the natural impulses which Moncler Factory Outlet foster the creation of art were no doubt still alive in the hearts and souls of the people.

moncler sale outlet Sadly there is virtually nothing left of Spartan literature or poetry, but ancient sources confirm that it did exist and that it was in fact rousing and powerful. Spartan music and literature supposedly dealt with serious themes like patriotism and honour, and served as a passionate and edifying moncler jackets mens expression of brotherhood and unity amongst the Spartan people.

cheap moncler coats EducationAthenian education, with its emphasis on literature and the arts, may at first glance appear to be more relevant to the modern world discount moncler moncler jacket outlet jackets than cheap moncler coats for women the infamous Spartan agoge, where children as young as seven were forced to undergo strenuous physical and military training. But whilst it can hardly be argued that Spartan education was as rounded as its Athenian equivalent, it was certainly more egalitarian. Education in Athens was private, and although costs were usually low enough to allow children from even moncler jacket online the moncler jackets on sale poorest backgrounds to moncler jackets for women receive a few years of schooling, it is plainly true that the well born had significantly greater access to education and, in turn, significantly improved life chances.

Education in Sparta was provided in full by the moncler jackets toronto state, and was equally available and compulsory for all male citizens. A full state education programme was also provided for girls, who in Athens were restricted to being home schooled in domestic skills. Whilst neither system exactly offers a blueprint for the modern Western world, the values and lessons of education in Sparta, whilst different, are at least as discount moncler outlet significant as those in Athens.

moncler outlet sale moncler outlets uk WomenThe superior access to education enjoyed by girls in Sparta compared to Athens was one of many ways in which women played a far greater role in society.

Women in Athens had very few rights: they were not entitled to attend the assembly, own property or choose their own husbands. In fact, they were actively encouraged to remain indoors and away from public life altogether. Spartan women by contrast enjoyed an unprecedented amount of freedom and respect. They were entitled to own Official Moncler Outlet and inherit property, and were legendary throughout Greece for the active role they played in public life. Gorgo, Queen of Sparta and wife of Leonidas, was once moncler outlet location asked why it was that Spartan women thought they could rule men. Her unapologetic response is now famous: ‘Because we are the only women who give birth to real men.’

moncler outlet online Mixed ConstitutionAthens is generally seen as the first great democracy of the ancient world, and consequently we like to imagine that our own society is built in its image. In reality, democracy is but one of many powerful ideas which have shaped the Western world.

Sparta’s mixed constitution included a democratic assembly of the entire citizenry, but it also ensured that political power was shared between various other bodies. The kings provided religious and military leadership, the ephors an annually elected council of five performed most of the executive duties of government, and the gerousia a council of elders moncler coats sale who were elected for life performed judicial functions and proposed legislation for the assembly to debate. This concept of power sharing would be the defining characteristic of the Roman Republic, moncler coats outlet which in turn inspired the architects of the oldest codified constitution in the modern world, the constitution of the United States.

Representative vs Direct DemocracyIt is easy to identify the early principles of Western democracy in the Athenian constitution and overlook the many shortcomings and pitfalls. The direct democracy of the fickle Athenian assembly gave rise to exploitive demagogues and was often callous and brutal.

A fine example of the bellicose and capricious nature of Athenian democracy came in 415 BC, when the young politician Alcibiades appealing moncler outlet canada to Athenian moncler outlet woodbury vanity convinced the Athenian assembly to launch a major campaign against Sicily on the premise that it would be an easy victory. The subsequent defeat was immense and humiliating, costing Athens 200 ships and thousands of hoplites. moncler outlet kids It is widely accepted to have been the turning point in the Peloponnesian War with Sparta, which Athens eventually lost.

With executive decisions in Sparta being made not by the entire assembly but rather by an elected council of ephors, it is fair to say that government here was generally comparatively stable and measured. It would certainly be stretching the truth to say that Sparta was a democratic society, but it is clear that the Athenian system was not without many faults of its own. Either way, it is hard to deny that our modern liberal democracies have borrowed at least as much from Sparta’s representative system as they have from Athens’ direct democracy.

moncler mens jackets StabilityBuilding on the previous two points, it is worth acknowledging the longevity and stability of Spartan government and, in turn, the Spartan way of life. When most of us think of Ancient Athens we are thinking of a brief and volatile period during the fifth century BC during which Athens transformed the Delian League into an empire before losing to Sparta in the Peloponnesian War.

The image we have of Sparta was formed over a much longer period of time (Lycurgus, the great mythical lawgiver who established the Spartan government and lifestyle, was said to have lived in the ninth century BC). High ideals and revolutions have played major roles in Western history, but so too have periods of order and stable government. When considering the importance of the latter, Sparta rather than Athens should be our inspiration.

Athenian FranchiseAs we have already seen, the constitution of Sparta did contain many democratic elements. Whilst the point is often made that male Spartan citizens who had full rights to vote at the assembly were heavily outnumbered by the helots and the perioeci, it moncler coats for women is usually forgotten that full male Athenian citizens were also heavily outnumbered by the wider population of Athens.

buy moncler jackets In fact, it is estimated that no more than 30% (and probably more like 10 20%) of the Athenian population could participate in the democracy. It is therefore likely that the franchise in Athens the great democracy of the ancient world was not actually much wider than in Sparta.

Spartans at ThermopylaeIt cannot be denied that much of the Western cultural tradition can be traced to Athens, while the Spartans left us with virtually no art, architecture or literature to speak of. But whichever corner of Greek history we find ourselves exploring, the famous warrior people of the Lacedaemon shall always deserve special credit.

cheap moncler jackets In 480 BC, King Xerxes of Persia led an enormous army into Greece (ancient sources claimed the army numbered over one million, but modern estimates range between 100,000 and 300,000). A Greek coalition army of 7,000 men, led by King Leonidas of Sparta, marched north to block the only road by which the Persians could advance at the small pass at Thermopylae. The Greeks blocked the pass for two days before Leonidas seeing that he was outflanked dismissed the majority of the army and remained behind to guard their retreat with only 300 Spartans, 700 Thespians and 400 Thebans. This tiny force held out for another day against overwhelming odds, and their heroic last stand is widely considered to have inspired the remaining Greek forces to continue their valiant defence of their homeland until their eventual victory.

moncler sale Had the Greek army failed, the art and culture of the Hellenic world would have fallen under Persian despotism, and the fledgling experiments in democracy would have been extinguished. For everything that has come since, we owe the Spartans.

Daniel White 11 months ago

Very interesting article and take buy moncler jackets toronto on how Greek history influenced the West. While Sparta did have mandatory education for all male citizens, it was mostly moncler jackets focused on war rather than a “traditional” education. Also, while Thermopylae was important, it could be argued that the Athenian victory at Salamis was more culturally important. While Termopylae is the image of bravery and overcoming desperate odds, Salamis ended the Persian War and caused Aeschylus to write “The Persians”, which contributed to the development of Western dramas as well as contributing much to our understanding of Greek ideals concerning culture, hoplites, war, and the Persians. Overall great article and I would recommend reading Victor Davis Hanson’s “The Western Way of War” as he touches on some of your points to argue how Ancient Greece directly created Western Civilization.

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Faith’s horrified reaction is (ironically) the most plausible character moment of the entire movie. Ironic Echo: When meeting in the graveyard, Kell asks Connor “What’s wrong? Don’t want to be inside me?” Connor asks him the same question during the final fight. It Has Been an Honor: “Goodbye, Duncan, my true brother.” It’s Personal: Kell wants revenge against Connor for what happened in 1555.

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